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Content Pet Food

There is a reason Content™ Dog Food is one of the fastest-growing brands of dog food in the UK… Jez dedicates his life to dogs. He has used and developed his expertise to produce a range of meals generously packed with a whole host of nutritious, carefully balanced ingredients ensuring the macro and micronutrients content provide everything your dog needs to meet and maintain optimal health and performance.

For over 25 years Jez has built a reputable name as a dog behaviourist, a kind of pet psychologist, working with dogs and their owners to correct and modify behavioural issues and counsel dog owners about the best ways to interact and care for their pets. In 2017, Jez utilised this expertise alongside his insight into the positive effects of optimal nutrition to influence the development of Content™ dog food. Jez works with a diverse range of dog breeds presenting with numerous behavioural issues and medical conditions. He has seen time and time again the positive effects Content™meals have had on numerous common conditions including skin and food allergies, obesity, dental disease and gastric inflammation.

Grain-free and boasting the highest grade of ingredients you can rest assured Content™ is providing your dog will all the nutrients they require to maintain optimal health, energy balance and temperament and zest for life! Jez has invested the last 25 years researching and understanding your pet's needs so you can spend your time simply enjoying them!


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